Stonecrest Capital Markets, Inc., is our full service brokerage firm with three distinct divisions. Founded as an institutional trading operation, we now trade and offer products spanning from investment banking to retail trading.  A few areas we are focused on include, but are not limited to: Fixed Income, Equities/Options, Alternative Investments, Private Placements, 1031 DST Exchanges, Mutual Funds, and various Insurance products.


Our trading desks support various institutional clients ranging from Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, Money Managers, Mutual Funds, and Insurance Companies.

  • Fixed Income:  From our home office in Austin, Texas, the primary focus of our Fixed Income team is within the high-yield sector. The partners of Stonecrest Partners have extensive experience in Real Estate related investing, and have primarily been focused on Non Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities. In addition to this niche, we also support Corporate, Muni, and Treasury trading.


Many of our financial advisors are also registered representatives of Stonecrest Capital Markets.  Through our brokerage platform, this relationship provides access for their retail clients to invest in various strategies depending on their individual needs. 

  • General trading: Access to equities, fixed income, and options directly through Pershing’s platform.
  • Mutual Funds: Through direct relationships with global and domestic mutual funds, our clients have a plethora of options to fit their needs.
  • Alternative Investments:   Stonecrest allows access to approved Private Placements, Hedge Funds, Private REITs and/or Private Equity funds. These investments are only suitable for certain clients. Please speak to your representative for more information.
  • Insurance Products:  For certain clients, insurance products can be a great solution for estate planning, asset repositioning, planning for future expenses, or potential tax benefits.
  • 1031 Exchange DST’s: For investors in Real Estate, a 1031 Exchange can be an instrumental tax and estate-planning mechanism.    More information on 1031 DST →