Stonecrest Partners is an independent financial services enterprise that includes sister companies Stonecrest Capital Markets, Inc. and Stonecrest Advisors, Inc.


Our International Division has locations in Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico, and serves clients in Europe and Latin America.

Stonecrest Partners and its representatives are focused on serving our customers with integrity, honesty and attentiveness. We help you manage family wealth by creating, implementing and overseeing a family’s success plan that incorporates both financial and life issues. We assist our clients and their families to bring balance to their lives integrating family, wealth, legacy and philanthropy.

Our platform is ideal for advisors and their clients who want full independence from the constraints of bulge bracket firms, while maintaining the backing of a large, international clearing firm in Pershing.  Your investment choices are extensive, and you are not limited to the products of a singular large firm.

Our advantages as an independent firm result from our relationship with Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon Company.  Under our agreement, all client assets (cash and securities) are held at Pershing.

Pershing has been a leading global provider of financial business solutions for over 75 years and serves many of the world's most respected financial organizations.  It is the world's largest clearing firm, operating in more than 60 countries.  Pershing's parent, Bank of New York Mellon, was founded in 1784 and is the oldest banking institution in the United States.

As of September 2017, Pershing held approximately $1.7 trillion client assets and maintained regulatory net capital of $2.0 billion.  In the same period, BNY Mellon was the world's largest global custodian with $32.1 trillion in assets under custody and/or administration.



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